A moment of reflection....

As is probably the norm for a majority of us, most days I get up and go about my day without a second thought. Plans are in place, the routine is set, time to get up and go. I have discovered that there is danger in the routine of life that, if we are not careful, cause time to mysteriously quicken.

Let me explain. Several years ago I decided to set up this blog. It was a way for me to express certain thoughts, share personal discoveries, concerns, encouragements and a smattering of other things. Right from the beginning I made sure that I was not going to hide the fact that I was a Christian, but instead use my journey in my faith as a source of inspiration to bring encouragement to others. I found that these thoughts through various blog posts gave a different perspective on what may be perceived as everyday issues or battles.

However, as I have continued in my journey I have realised that my blog posts have become less frequent. The more I moved and developed in my journey, the less this page has been a priority. As we grow up, mature, and take on new responsibilities, other things have to take the back seat.....for me this blog page was one of those things.

Refection is not only helpful to access the steps taken to the point where we are now, but I believe it's a necessary habit to enforce regularly. Reflecting on a day can bring to light things unseen in the moment of that day that can aid steps ahead. It's in this that has brought me to write this post. I am reflecting as to whether or not to end this season of writing altogether and posting thoughts and (hopefully) encouragements, or whether to continue as I am and post now and again, or thirdly to step up my game and commit to writing more regularly.

This is where you readers come into play. Blogs are easily brushed over, quickly read and just as quickly forgotten. However, in reviewing my so-called 'stats', this blog has had over 26,000 views in the past few years. Now in the light of things that may be considered small, but for me, this is overwhelming. What is more astounding is that my page and certain blog posts have received more views in the time where I have posted less.

I feel reading and writing blogs is a shared experienced. The writer receives something by sharing and the reader receives something by reading what was shared. To those who have over the years taken the time to read some of posts, I hope that what you read was encouraging and uplifting as it was to write.

In this moment I personally feel the need to interact with those of you who have read what I've posted before. Were you encouraged? Would you like more posts? Are there questions, life issues, certain topics that you would like clarification on or some personal thoughts shared?

I have enjoyed this season of writing posts, encouragements, challenging thoughts, and different perspectives. In this time of personal reflection, this blog will continue or conclude. Time will tell....

Every Blessing


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