Christmas is coming!

I remember when I was little, I used to get so excited about Christmas! The reason was mainly to do with the presents! I remember one Christmas Eve night I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. I then heard footsteps coming up the stairs and was like 'Santa is here!!!'. I then proceeded to 'fake' sleep as the figure put my stocking full of goodies at the end of my bed. Only when the footsteps retreated back downstairs I would glimpse at the stocking over-flowing with presents. I then could sleep knowing that I had loads of presents to unwrap in the morning.

How my perceptions of Christmas have changed. I don't care about unwrapping loads of gifts. I don't care about a stocking at the end of my bed (even though it's still a nice surprise). No, I care more about spending some quality time with my family. How it can be a time of no arguments but laughter together. But then this year is going to be much more special as my lovely girlfriend is spending Christmas with me and my family.

I've also thought a lot more about the Christmas story. The same story that was told throughout my time in education of which I didn't really pay much attention to. The same story that is illustrated by a nativity each and every Christmas.

I've been thinking how amazing it is that God gave a part of himself at Christmas through Jesus being born. And when Jesus was born he wasn't by sight any different from any other baby. Except he did not cry, but lay peacefully. By a guiding star and the Angel Gabriel others knew that this baby was God's son sent for us and that he was special.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - (John 3:16)
To me that is a far greater Christmas present. One that no other gift could ever top or replace. And though we're living in a time where Christmas is so commercialized, where presents are the most important things, maybe we could take a step back and remember the meaning of Christmas.

The answer is in the title;


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