Losing Sight

I have had many days where I have lost sight of where I'm going, the path I was following. It's so easy at times to be wrapped up in everyday life. It's also so easy to get ahead of ourselves. We look at where we would want to be in 5 years times but cut out all the development and growth, challenges and opportunities from where we are now to that time ahead we are thinking of. That to me is losing sight.

Every day there is a new challenge, new development, new growth, new opportunity, new step we can take. But sometimes we cut this out. Ignore it. Sometimes we fall into the trap of following society, rules of this world. So then it gets to a point further down the line where we think; 'I should be somewhere better than where I am at the moment', 'Why is this happening?'

I have had days where I have been at work and thought, 'Is this where my life is? Is this where I am going to be the rest of my life?' I am losing sight because I am relegating myself to society.

I was thinking how different would it be if I took one day at a time instead of looking ahead. How different would it be if instead of being close-minded about where I am, I was open-minded. Yes, I am in a dead-end job, but perhaps there are developments, challenges, hurdles there that is going to help build me up for something better, for that next step.

There's a verse that I always quote to myself;
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. - (Matthew 6:34) 
We do this everyday. We worry about the next day, we worry about a month down the line. Each day there are troubles, challenges, a step we could take all for our growth and development. I'm going to challenge myself and try and focus each and everyday completely on that day. Not the next, or the next or next month, a few weeks from now.

God is constantly building us up each and everyday with fresh new challenges, or continuing challenges. Don't lose sight of where you are at the moment. Take each day as it comes and maybe in 5 years times you'll be somewhere that surpassed all expectations.....


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