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Windows of Opportunity

I have often heard people say that they are waiting for the opportunity to do something great in their lives. To be fair, I've also fallen into this way of thinking. Conversations come and go about the 'big plan', the 'doorway to open', the 'finances to come', the 'moment of being noticed', the 'appreciation of hard work', the 'responsibility of a lifetime', the 'big house', the 'perfect family', the DREAM!

The reality is that even though we will continue to speak about such things, more often than not, they do not come to pass. Some of us even go that one step further by bringing God into these situations. In passing, some unbelievers have stated that if there was a God He would not allow us to struggle in our lives, or that He does not love them, or many other reasons on the same line of thought. Some believers, on the other hand, would state that God has ignored their prayer, or that it was not His will for them t…

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